Is Millionaire Blueprint Trustworthy? A Millionaire’s Blueprint Review

Millionaire Blueprint is one of the new trading platforms used by traders these days in binary options trading, but it has garnered quite a number of criticisms that made new traders really curious. Is Millionaire Blueprint worth their time? Whether Millionaire Blueprint could be a scam or not has not concluded yet, but from overall reviews it leans more towards the latter. There is no proven evidence that it is indeed a scam, but because of the numerous complaints it gets, it is no wonder a lot of traders who make reviews claim it is a scam. The platform is known to have very quick and high returns to their traders. It seems that unlike other new brokers in the industry, Millionaire Blueprint does not much have information or reviews in regards to the system they provide to their traders. There are a few experts that were willing to spend their dollars simply to share their experience with Millionaire Blueprint.

Millionaire Blueprint is accessible through their website. Unlike other platforms that come with mobile apps, this one is only available with web-based trading. The front page welcomes the traders with a plethora of sales videos. Its background is filled with piles of cash. Going further down the page is where traders will find a capture of its email and registration. It is also filled with quotes from some of the big names in the world of financial trading. It also has a section where they introduce themselves and the main purpose of their platform. The layout is very catchy and the design is very modern. There are also pages dedicated to the team behind the workings of Millionaire Blueprint, and even a location of their headquarters, which is located in Ohio. While every binary option trading platform has an FAQ page, the funny thing about their platform is that there are similar questions in the list, even if the words are somewhat different.

millionaire blueprint

Millionaire Blueprint also comes with a video – something that every business in the industry is trying to make up for in order to attract more customers. With the platform, it tries to catch their viewers with the “100 percent easy cash software” and many other superlatives that will make the heart of every viewer feel heaven. It comes to a point that almost every money acquired by the system is already for free. The real catch to such deal is that there nothing for free at all, even with all the other binary option software in the industry. This is a way for traders to deposit into Millionaire Blueprint in order to gain access to its system and traders get to choose their own preferred brokers.

This is how they earn their keep, too. The video, however, has been changed – it comes with some texts and a voice over, but the least is that they made a few changes and style. It comes with a different background with animated clips of people that are having a good time or just have too much time on their hands. Pictures of big houses and super cars are all over the video. The voice over or the guy narrating in the video tries so hard to convince the viewer of its accomplishments. It even includes testimonials that claim to come from legit sources, which is actually true.

Before when Millionaire Blueprint first came out in the binary options trading, there was little to choice to make when choosing a broker. Unlike other brokers that come with its own web-based and application based platform, Millionaire Blueprint does not. Instead, it gives the trader an option to choose one of the brokers they are affiliated with. This has certainly put down a lot of traders because they think that they can make use of Millionaire Blueprint’s own broker, but apparently it isn’t the case.

The good thing about their platform these days is that it has gotten an upgrade, which also means that they have also changed their system. Traders get to choose which broker they wish to work with and affiliate itself with Millionaire Blueprint. Also, the content of the video has changed, but the very same style on how to attract traders to their platform still remained, not to mention its sales pitch.

Many traders believe that the slightly pushy manner that the testimonies in the videos made has left little to no promise at all. Its whole sales pitch was not even hope-fulfilling, either. Millionaire Blueprint has also added more binary option products for their traders to use, but most of the traders that have already experienced the platform before has gotten tired of trying out such options. Some have claimed that they have stopped themselves from actually trying to use it since it looked sketchy to them.

Overall, Millionaire Blueprint is not entirely a scam, but it may leave newbies confused on how their trade is fairing. It is best to stick with more reputable brokers and platforms instead.


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Free Money System


As the Internet becomes more and more powerful, people are trying to earn money over the internet. Today you can buy and sell almost anything – thus you have a market, but money market is something that reached the top. You can trade stocks, currencies or other assets that are valuable and available for trading after all. Binary options trading are enormously popular these days. This kind of trading is pretty simple, but it’s highly risky method of earning money. For example, you have to predict the price of a certain asset – will it go up or down ? It seems pretty easy, isn’t it ? But actually it’s not. First of all – understand there is no BIG MONEY without BIG INVESTMENT. That is the number one rule in binary options trading.

Market Trends BalanceThere are various trading platforms, auto robots and brokers who do the job for you. One of them is Free Money System, which emerged not so long time ago. It was created by Tim Atkinson who claimed that he can aid the novices without prior experience in financial field to make couple of hundreds per day. Only thing they have to use is their PC mouse, for few clicks on a daily basis. It has friendly-user interface, with simple and yet detailed options. This creates an opportunity for wide range of people who can do business of asset trading, which means more money for this growing industry.

Free Money System aims to help both experienced and rookie people who want to trade different assets in order to gain some profit. Have in mind, especially if you are newbie in this world, that you MUST NOT spend your money on the first thing you see is on sale. Chances are very low that you will be lucky at the first choice. Read a lot about trading and finance, so you can get some basic knowledge; what to do and what not to do. I know, it all seems very easy – few click per day and you will be rich. It’s far away from that. The biggest problem is because people don’t read the terms & conditions and they read only what they want to see. Nobody say it’s impossible to have $1000 per day – but nobody says also that is easy to have $50 per day.

In the beginning, Free Money System offers you a trial period where you can practice with some kind of virtual money. After you practiced, and you feel you are ready, start with the real money. Couple of times, you will probably fail and lose your money, but don’t quit. People who quit say it’s a scam: it’s not a scam, it’s just they are not patient enough. You have to read newspapers, watch news and everything that is related to trading. In that way you will get into the system and how it works. Free Money System also offers a possibility of putting a particular sum for each trade, which makes it distinguishable among the other trading systems.

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IQ Option Review

1024x1024srIQ Option starts to give their exclusive paired alternatives stage to brokers in 2013. In spite of the fact that the stage is not yet given in versatile configuration, it is offered in five dialects. Our initial introduction of the IQ Option site was that this is no standard specialist and this is confirmed by their particular stage, to a great degree exceptional yield rates, and plenty of training assets.

The stage may be exclusive, yet it is going to look entirely well known to experienced dealers. The data’s majority expected to finish an exchange are incorporated, however there are a couple of extra alternatives, for example, a single tick exchanging and an arrival rate bar which can be balanced by the broker.

Exchanging Instruments

The two instruments gave by IQ Option are Binary and Turbo. Turbo exchanges work the very same as essential double choices exchanges, with the main contrast being that they offer expiry times of as short as 60 seconds. Limit and Touch exchanges are excluded in this stage.

Stage Features

IQ Option is not as of now offering discretionary exchange elements, for example, Close Early, Rollover, or Double Up. Be that as it may, they offer exchange protection which can give discount rates on exchanges that complete out of the cash. Protection is accessible with both Binary Options and Turbo Options exchanges.

Training and Trading Tools

There are more than 51 features included in the IQ Option online feature course and these are given in 21 unique dialects. Paired choices systems, market investigation, and ace broker data are incorporated in these. Market news is accessible, yet there are no specialized diagrams beside the outline that is given in every exchange window.

maxresdefault (5)Rewards and Promotions

Store rewards of 80% to 100% are offered, subordinate upon the sort of record that is picked. IQ Option likewise runs a few money prize challenges every week, giving brokers the chance to win $500 or more when they find themselves able to win a bigger number of exchanges than their rivals. No-store demo records are accessible. Free double choices signs are given to VIP account holders.

Record Types

Genuine and VIP record sorts are accessible. Genuine records can be opened with only $10, with VIP records obliging a store of $500. The base venture sum is set at just $1 and the most extreme is $1,000. Return rates of up to 92% are offered on benefitting exchanges. The base withdrawal sum is $10.


  • High return rates
  • Low least store
  • Low least speculation sums
  • No Deposit Demo Account
  • High-quality instructive features


  • Very few instrument sorts
  • Limited resource accessibility

IQ Option Review Conclusion

It’s unmistakable that IQ Option is not going to be the best merchant determination for everybody. On the other hand, they will make a fine determination for the individuals who need to stay with the essential exchange sort and be very much compensated for every benefitting exchange. Their arrival rates on these standard exchanges are among the most elevated in the business, which makes it all the all the more astounding that they offer protection alongside them.

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Choosing the best trading platform


platforms-main-mt4Everyone seems to be trading binary options today, no matter if they are experts in it, or if they are just beginning. And this is quite understandable, due to the fact that trading binary options is extremely simple, lucrative and rather safe. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way, and the positive sides to binary options trading only pop up when you are trading them on a great binary options trading platform. But, how can one know which binary options trading platforms are good and which ones of them are bad? How does a person choose the best possible binary options trading platform? Well, we are going to give you an answer to that in this article, and all you have to do is to read it and use the advices given to you in real life. It’s as simple as that. So, let’s start.

The first thing that every binary options traders needs to take a look at while choosing the best binary options trading platform is the percentage returns. Of course, people prefer those trading platforms that offer better returns than those that do not. And that is why each trading platform offers information about the percentage that the trader would receive for either of the two options that exist in the binary options world. So, if you make more returns, your income would be a lot better, so do your best to try and find a binary options trading platform that offers good percentage returns.

Another thing that is extremely important when searching for the best possible binary options trading platform is looking for one with as many assets as possible. It is always better to trade on a platform that offers more assets, because that could give you a great advantage. This occurs because, if you have more assets to choose from, you’ll be able to have better options when the market starts to fluctuate. So, basically, this means that more assets bring you more money. So, if you can find a binary options trading platform that offers lot of assets, start trading there, because such a place is always better than the one with a fewer number of them.
virtual_broker6-28-advancedclicked-v3Good binary options trading platform needs to provide you with all the necessary information about your account and your assets. The more information you get, the better position you’ll be in, because you’ll know more about both the assets and your account. Such binary options trading platform should provide you with the information about your past trades, as well as about the assets that you plan to buy somewhere in the future. This way, purchasing those binary options would only bring you greater profit.
And finally, great binary options trading platform needs to have a great customer service team, just like in 24option or Big Option. Everyone can find themselves in a pickle every now and then, and it is good to know that there is someone out there who will get you out. So, if you’re on the lookout for a binary options trading platform, make sure it has all of the above mentioned features.

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Why is Binary Options Signal easy to use?

Paired alternatives signs are turning out to be more shared belief among brokers. By utilizing double alternatives flags the right way, you can put all the more all around arranged exchanges. It more often than not takes some practice before brokers know how to decipher and utilize these signs, so don’t be baffled if this may take some time. In any case, there is additionally uplifting news for brokers who are new to the business sector: there are robotized exchanging bots that can help you put the right exchanges by perusing and deciphering the exchanging signs. You can learn a lot about binary options signals robot if you are interested and you can see where is the safest place for trade, for example on Binary Book  is a great platform for everyone who wants to start an online trading journey.

Twofold choices flags and Automated exchanging

Twofold choices signs are clarified beneath. Only a heads up: they are entirely difficult to investigate and decipher. That is the reason beginning double choices merchants frequently pick not to translate the parallel choices signals themselves, but rather utilize an exchanging bot which settles on the choices for them.


Huge Profit Generator

Enormous Profit Generator is another apparatus that has extremely constrained accessibility. As of now, they permit only a couple of fortunate merchants to test this bot (and keep the benefits). In any case, is it any great?


A parallel alternatives signs device that appears to acquire and more intrigue amongst twofold choices brokers is Searchingprofits. This ongoing investigating parallel choices device helps you enhance your exchanging precision.

100 Percent Profit Bot

wJust as of late, 100 Percent Profit Bot was added to the not insignificant rundown of double alternatives signs devices. This mechanized exchanging bot helps you achieve high benefits, as well as even has fabricated in apparatuses to keep your benefits safe. There are still a couple of duplicates of the beta test variant accessible, so merchants that need to utilize this progressive twofold choices signs device will need to act quickly.

Auto Binary Signals

This parallel choices signs apparatus offers an 80 to 100 percent precision, the creators say. For ideal security, this tool utilizes 5 pointers which should all adjust before a positive parallel choices exchanging sign is sent to the dealer. This minimizes exchanging danger.

Interstellar Profits

With restricted accessibility and high trusts, this paired alternatives signals bot is starting interest far and wide. Before all else of one year from now, Interstellar Profits will get to be accessible to the entire world (or if nothing else the majority of it). Be that as it may, until further notice they’re searching for beta analyzers in 9 nations to test the paired alternatives signals bot for nothing.

Twofold Options Signals Services

There are twofold choices signs benefits, that furnish you with double alternatives signals. You can look over a wide range of sorts of administrations. Some of these twofold choices signs administrations are paid administrations, others offer the exchanging signs for nothing. There are no evidence that the paid administrations give better or more solid double alternatives signals than the free administrations. On the other hand, take note of that every one of these signs – free and in addition paid – still obliges understanding, with or without the utilization of money-related news sources.

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Advices For Beginners In Binary Options Trading


Binary options trading is not that difficult; in fact, many believe that it is rather exciting and great. It is a job in which you can make a lot of money fast, but in order for it to work out, you need to know what you’re doing, and you need to know how to do it right. You cannot live in a fantasy land; you have to be very objective, and not let your feelings get in the way. You need to know what can be sold and what can’t, and that is why you need to look at binary options rather objectively, and to separate facts from fiction. Once you learn how to do that, you can continue taking other advice.
candle-stick-charts-binary-optionsThe next thing you need to do is to learn how to work on risk management and how to increase your chances of earning money. It doesn’t all depend on luck; there are some strategies that you can employ, that could improve your chances in earning more. And even though there is a possibility of something changing in the last second, these strategies will still make you a better binary options trader, and you shouldn’t give up on them.
You also need to be firm-headed. Being determined, very patient, and being willing to invest some time and hard work into learning binary options trading will get you a long way. Unlike the regular market, here you don’t have to be an expert; you just need to know some stuff about binary options. However, this does not mean that anyone can do this and that everyone will become a millionaire by doing this.
Now, once you actually start trading, there is no need for going big; you can start trading with only a 100 Dollars. Many binary trading brokers do not even charge commission fees, and some of them do, but they are not that high. So, you need to find a broker that has normal fees, and not someone who will rob you at first sight.
binary-optionsAlso, you will have to do some research before you become a part of the binary options trading community. This is not for everyone, and that is exactly why you should do as much research as possible, and the more you know about this industry, the better will be for you and your future in this area of trading.
And then, finally, you will need to select a trading platform on which you will conduct your trades. We recommend that you choose a platform that allows you to open a demo account like in Big Option, on which you can practice and do some trades without worrying about losing money, because these trades do not include any real funds. This way, you will not be in risk of losing money right away, and you’ll be able to learn something and get some practice before they throw you in the pool with the sharks. This experience will be a great thing for you, because when you start with the real trading, you’ll already be an experienced trader that knows all the quirks of this job.

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